Beach Etiquette

  1. No Camping Permitted
  2. Dogs must be leashed or under control and owners must clean up after dogs.
  3. No illegal use of drugs or intemperate use of alcohol
  4. No overnight parking of any vehicles, including boat trailers, without notifying a board member.
  5. If having a private party, please be respectful of fellow owners.
  6. TRASH: Carry in, Carry out.  The fire pit is NOT a trash receptacle.
  7. Exercise respect for others if smoking.
  8. Beach monitoring is every members’ responsibility and anyone shall be ejected from the beach if found engaging in unsafe or disorderly behavior or violating any beach rules.
  9. Inflated rafts, flotation devices, etc. are permitted.
  10. All children age 9 and under must be accompanied by a responsible older person.
  11. Recreational vehicles, such as ATV’s, are prohibited on any part of the beach property except for beach clean-up purposes or use for boat launch.
  12. Motorized watercraft must comply with all State of New Hampshire safety rules and registration requirements.
  13. Motorized watercraft must keep away from the designated swimming area by at least 100 feet, or what the boating rules require, whichever is greater.
  14. No motorized watercraft shall be kept or moored at the beach.
  15. Feeding ducks and waterfowl is prohibited, as well as fishing in the designated swimming area.
  16. The beach belongs to paying members of LRMA and needs to be looked after by everyone.

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